About Me

Hi! My full name is Karmen Victoria but you can call me Tory. I am a jewelry designer and ceramic artist from the true north of Edmonton, Canada and I am surrounded by a sea of brave creatives. I love to travel, I love art, music and architecture, I love midcentury modern everything, I love my cat, I love the natural sciences and my background is in Conservation Biology. My work plays on the common everyday and the striking statement, moving fluidly along the spectrum. I prefer using brass for it's hearty industrial feel and soft colour, incorporating my favourite stones and ceramic pieces to give it a balanced contrast. You can consider it both pretty and moody just like most people. If you're in Edmonton, make sure you pop by my shop Hideout Distro and say hello. I hope you find yourself connected to my work in some way, and thank you for visiting!


tory@karmavictoria.com for Wholesale & Custom Orders 


For repairs on any of pieces that got snagged by a baby or a dog or a jewelry monster please send me a message under the Contact section.


Each piece of jewelry is carefully crafted to ensure longevity and prosperity of the product. Prior to shipping, each piece is inspected and approved to ensure the highest quality possible. 

Some of these pieces are fragile and should be handled with care. Thank you!

Just think of these lyrics:

"...hold me like you'll never let me go..."

Return Policy and Damage:

Refunds are accepted if the product is damaged during shipping. As goes for anything, there will wear and tear over time - if you happen to catch a necklace and pull the chain loose, this can very easily be fixed! Just send me an email to tory@karmavictoria.com. As for a missing earrings - humans lose things sometimes - I can do my best to make a replacement for you for a fraction of the cost of a pair.

*** In the case of shipping damage, please be sure to contact immediately after receiving the parcel; photos with packaging will help determine the cause of damage and find the best solution!